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CHRIS MAYSON · Golf Instructor

Member Guest welcomes world-renowned golf instructor Chris Mayson to the podcast to discuss his journey from saying “goodbye” to a professional playing career so he could help others achieve their professional golf dreams. Chris is a dedicated instructor with an impressive roster of talented golfers, including multiple LPGA Champions , and our very own 3X PGA Tour Champion, Brendan Steele… or should we say “Chipper Fernleaf?!” Dave teaches us how to “rattlesnake proof” your dog, Mark makes the most amazing PB & J sandwich, and Brendan and Chris share the secret of how to become a world class golfer…. is it eating cans of Chef Boyardee? And of course, what would a Member Guest episode be these days without at least one hilaroius varmint story. All this and more on SE02 · EP09 of The Member Guest Podcast.


Michael “The Blogfather” Williams is a talented writer, photographer, and blogger who has become a beacon for men’s fashion and an influencer to influencers. He is the founder of the popular fashion and style blog ACL (A Continuous Lean), and a fellow golf enthusiast. When Michael joins Member Guest, Dave, Brendan, and Mark take their chance to grill him about Golf “Foshion” as they examine who might have the best/worst style on tour. But they also make sure they dig in on some of the tougher questions in life… What is more dangerous for a rat… peanut butter, avocados, or Dave’s truck? Is there anything Mark can’t make or fix? Did Dave start a forest fire with his Jacuzzi? All this and more in Season 2 • Episode 8 of the Member Guest Podcast.

MOON VALJEAN · Greek Fire | Goldfinger | Rizzuto Show

Moon Valjean is a shredder guitarist/vocalist, and producer of the popular Rizzuto morning radio show in St. Louis. The former member of Story of the Year first met Dave and Mark on the Meteora tour with Linkin Park in 2004. Since then, Moon (aka Phill) has joined the legendary band Goldfinger and is the front man for St. Louis rock band Greek Fire. Moon joins the guys in their St Louis “basement of fun” to talk nicknames, karate, and adoption. Episode 7 of Season 2 is honest and full of laughs. Mark gives the traffic report, Brendan goes viral, and Dave’s a “Lil Bitch?” All this and more on SE02 | EP07 of Member Guest.


The Member Guest Podcast welcomes PGA golfer and tour crony Jamie Lovemark to this weeks episode. In addition to smashing the ball down the fairway on the PGA tour, Jamie is a surfer, a pilot, and one half of team “Steelin Love.” The guys sit down in the “basement” of their St. Louis rental home during the PGA championship to discuss music, golf, and less important things on SE02 | EP06 of Member Guest.

AMANDA BALIONIS · CBS Sports Broadcaster

Amanda Balionis joins the boys for SE02 | EP05 of MEMBER GUEST. Amanda is a force to be reckoned with in the world of sports broadcast journalism and you will see her asking the best golfers in the world the tough questions on CBS Sports…  but this time, Amanda is in the hot seat. Brendan, Dave, & Mark dig deep into Amanda’s love of broadcasting, animals, and living the “bro-life” all while answering some of life’s toughest questions… What does Dave do when his pants explode on stage?  Should I bring my own goat to yoga (BYOG)? Does hitting things with a shepherd’s crook and yelling “Phooey!” ever solve a problem? The answers to these questions and more on this epic episode of Member Guest.

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