MIKE SHINODA · Linkin Park

MIKE SHINODA · Linkin Park
MIKE SHINODA · Linkin Park

Dave, Brendan, and Mark welcome multi-talented musician, artist, and producer Mike Shinoda to the mix.  The guys discuss Dave’s safety at a Marshmello show, Mike’s expertise with pink eye, medium level friend status, and Mike’s new EP – Post Traumatic.

13 comments on MIKE SHINODA · Linkin Park

  1. Andrew Smith says:

    Love the podcast! I believe though ozzfest 99 was the first time Black Sabbath headlined. Only reason I say this, is that it was my first concert. Never had the opportunity to see Linkin Park unfortunately 🙁

  2. Kate says:

    Really enjoyed listening to you guys 🙂

  3. Daniela says:

    Laughs, laughs and more laughs.

  4. Aece says:

    What a great episode, you guys! With what’s been happening in the world, it’s really comforting to have some more laid back conversations. Can’t wait to hear what’s next!

  5. Mary Vance says:

    Love listen to these podcasts. Thank you for doing these.

  6. Love love love member guest podcast!!! Shhh but I think episode 6 is by far so far my favorite. Although you all have me laughing every time I listen in. Cheers to many more seasons. Can’t wait for next Monday’s installment to be released.

  7. Nitin Chopra says:

    Please bring Twenty one Pilots here…. That would really be cool!!!!

  8. Michelle Burton says:

    You guys are so funny 🙂 I loved this episode. Thank you

  9. Amazing podcast guys, the energy that you give to us is like “wow, I feel i’m inside the studio laughing and joking with you”. I promise listen every podcast since now, keep that way!!
    Grettings from Colombia… Yeah, you have international fans hahahaha

  10. Zane R says:

    Yes please come to Melbourne

  11. charisma says:

    Happy for you Dave. LP forever!

  12. Jessica says:

    Loved this!

  13. Leanne says:

    Thank you guys, it was fun listening in. You guys are great ! I appreciate your openness and honesty along with your laughter and enthusiasm; they are contagious. Being a long-time fan of Linkin Park music brought me to this site but now I also enjoy listening to the conversations between you guys.
    Keep up the good work. Hope this comment brings a smile to your face as you did to mine today 🙂

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