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Member Guest welcomes founder and creative director Raan Parton from Apolis to share lots of laughs, a few bad ideas, and some insights into building a successful brand through social enterprise. Raan relives his Linkin Park groupie days during his “college sabbatical,” Dave invents a bagpipe toothbrush, Brendan has low ratings on Uber, and Mark has a not-so-great pitch for Shark Tank. All this and much much more on SE03 | EP07of Member Guest.

MARK ROGONDINO • Sports Broadcaster

Sports broadcaster and LAFC host Mark Rogondino joins Member Guest for an epic episode of all things soccer, golf, and Posh Spice. The boys step into enemy territory to talk about the growing soccer rivalry in Los Angeles. Rogo and Steeley brag about their collection of hole-in-ones… Dave leaves Linkin Park to play in rival band and Mark has idiot insurance. All this and more on SE03|SE06 of Member Guest.

TRÉ COOL – Green Day

Green Day’s drumming mastermind Tré Cool returns to Member Guest for some more good stories and laughs. On this episode, the guys discuss Green Day’s 1994 Woodstock appearance/mud fight, the performance that propelled Green Day into the international spotlight. The conversation quickly turns from rock-n-roll to diaper blowouts prompting Tré to share the “crappiest” boat story ever! Tré unknowingly becomes Dave’s drum tech, Jon Snow needs an Uber, and the boys start a new segment of the podcast… “Call Someone Awesome.” All this and more in SE03•EP04 of Member Guest.

MEMBERS ONLY · Hello Friends

Hello friends and welcome back to another spectacular “Members Only” episode of Member Guest. The boys recap the historic Masters victory by some guy named Tiger Woods, and answer some fun questions sent in by listeners. Dave goes full ‘bad dad’ during the ‘Holy week of the sports.’ Mark regrets a tweet from 2014, and Brendan confesses that only ate bread and cheese for the first 28 years of his life. All this and more on this episode of Member Guest.

JOEL KLATT · Fox Sports Analyst & Commentator

Fox Sports analyst and commentator Joel Klatt joins Member Guest to talk butt smacks, pillow fights, and unexpected life-changing moments. The boys cover just about everything in this hilarious episode from road trips before google maps, Taco Bell Duct Tape, and to why kickers in football (if you think about it) is just bizarre. Mark pulls a bird out of Brendan’s car, a python mysteriously disappears in Joel’s room/basement and Dave falls out of a moving van.

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